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More Words From Happy Clients

“Shari was one of the first people I turned to when branching out and launching my own business. Just being able to sit down and talk through my plans with her really made the world of difference. She can see the biggest picture and offered crystal clear advice on how to get started building my brand.”


“I’ve known Shari as a supportive friend for most of my life. I’d describe her as clever, caring and committed…. and she’s as funny as anything. When it recently came to writing the eulogy I delivered from New York via Zoom at my Dad’s funeral held in Australia, Shari provided heaps of support and comfort helping make sure I expressed my thoughts and feelings clearly. Couldn’t have managed it without her.”


“”I’ve just been introduced to Shari and have already used her writing services on a project. She’s so easy to work with and just gets it. I’m super excited about bringing her knowledge and skills on board for future work I’ve got in the pipeline.”


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