How Some Sweet Words Can Help

Tantalise your audience with delectable and delicious content and copy!

The Allsorts Story So Far…

100’s of

Completed Projects

Dozens of

Happy Clients


Cups of Coffee

Way too Many

Chocolates and Lollies

So, tell me this…

What new content will move the needle for you?

Right now, more than ever, how you communicate with current clients and prospects matters!

Daily we are exposed to between 4,000 – 10,000 promotional messages DAILY!  Standing out is the key to getting noticed.

With Allsorts, you can get your message whipped into shape so that it becomes something seen AND remembered!

Right from the very beginning of the customer journey where you’re jumping up and down to be noticed… through to the after-sale communication where you want to turn clients into friends for life, Allsorts can help you create delicious content.

I understand that talking to the right person takes more than just words – it’s about getting into the head of your target audience and discovering what makes them tick. So, if you’re clear on where you’re going, but not quite confident of the words to get there, let’s chat and get chomping!

Newsletters – Announcements or Regular

starting from $195 + GST

You’ve got a list…. and I’m not afraid to use it.

Prospects have given you their email address… they like you, what you do and how you do it.

That’s steps 1 and 2 taken care of.

But if you don’t keep in touch…. What’s really been the point?

Contacting your list only when you’re launching a new product or service or having a run-out sale is yuck, ick and even a bit slimy.

Nobody likes feeling sold to, but people do quite like being kept in the loop. Most people on your email list will happily receive regular emails with news of updates to your business, products and services when it feels like it’s coming from a helpful and interesting friend.

Let me write regular newsletters for your business while you sit back and watch the know, like and trust factor skyrocket to bring you further sales.

Social Media Content – Captions and Hashtags

starting from $375 + GST per set

Someone once said your business must have a social media presence, right? Maybe it was even one of your kids, because you know, kids these days….

Well, it’s true. Social media is the single most effective way you can engage with your target audience…. But so many platforms and too many choices. Kind of like the kid in a candy store scenario.

You and I should chat about which social media platform is best for your business – CLUE BOMB: it’ll be where your prospects spend most of their social media time….

and it won’t be every platform, that’s just overload and plain silly.

I strongly recommend focussing on one main platform, and then repurposing content for a second.

If that thought is still overwhelming you like a little ‘un in the lolly shop, no problem. We can chat, plan a strategy then implement it.

Blog Posts – SEO Friendly and Ready to Post

starting from $225 + GST per post

How do you share your business expertise with a wide audience of potential customers and clients?

Through carefully crafted, informative SEO friendly content, that’s how

It’s true! A good blogging presence will…

  • Increase your brand awareness and position in your niche
  • Have prospects revisiting your site to keep abreast of insider industry information
  • Provide exceptional value to your website visitors – it’s all about that know, like and trust factor isn’t it? Have GOOGLE giving your site some sweet, sweet love

PS. Consider cornerstone content too! It’s the bomb!

Emails – Announcements & Sequences 

starting from $225 + GST per email

When it does come time to ask for the money, and you’ve already positioned your business as one that gives great value without the smarmy, pushy salespersonship…. sales emails really do work.

People on your list know their problem, and they’ll learn you’re offering the solution. A sale is made when someone ready to fulfil their need thinks of your business as their answer.

Launching a product or service? Running a special offer? I’ll lead your list to the sale with an email blast – or sequence of emails – positioning them to buy.

Website Words – New Content or Rewrites

starting from $200 + GST per page depending on project

If your website copy is unappealing and bland, we’d better get that sorted pronto, don’t you think?*

*Disclaimer: if your niche involves buying and selling the certified chemical compounds required for preserving prehistoric bones and other relics… as you were. Boring, bland copy suits.

If not… read on.
Your website must have the visuals and words to capture your ideal audience…. from their very first glance. Does it speak to them… in their language?
Does it convince them you’re the best in the business? Are they wondering how they’ve ever coped without you?

That’s what good website copy should do. So, it’s goodbye to Vanilla, and hello to at least Hokey Pokey…. Or Rum’n’Raisin…. Or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Mmmmm ice cream..

Lead Magnet Creation And Autoresponders

lead magnets starting from $295 + GST 

Remember that time in early 2021 when Mr Zuckerberg and the Australian Government weren’t playing nicely together? Sooo many news outlets lost their entire content overnight and it was reported thousands of NFP pages were impacted too.

The takeaway from this should be simple to understand.

Social media is borrowed real estate and your lease may be revoked at any time…. without notice. Growing an email list makes sense.

Your email list is yours; you own it for ever and can contact your people whenever you choose. Three cheers to no longer being at the mercy of the everchanging social media algorithms!

BUT… building an email list authentically takes effort and time. Ultimately, for a prospect to trust you with their preciously guarded email address, it requires a fair trade of some sort. You need to provide value.

You and I should talk about your ideal customer and their biggest needs and desires. I’ll write and design a PDF lead magnet to help them deal with a problem they’re commonly facing. That’s how your business offers solutions and value. They’ll thank you and love you for it!

A series of follow up emails then holds their hand and welcomes them to your tribe. They’ll get to know you, like you, trust you and want to do business with you. They’ll be pointed in the direction of taking the next step: to become your client or customer. Lemonade and happy dances all ‘round. Everyone wins.

You’re ready for some list building goodness aren’t you? Awesome! Let’s talk soon and get your email list show on the road!

More Words From Happy Clients

“Shari was one of the first people I turned to when branching out and launching my own business. Just being able to sit down and talk through my plans with her really made the world of difference. She can see the biggest picture and offered crystal clear advice on how to get started building my brand.”


“I’ve known Shari as a supportive friend for most of my life. I’d describe her as clever, caring and committed…. and she’s as funny as anything. When it recently came to writing the eulogy I delivered from New York via Zoom at my Dad’s funeral held in Australia, Shari provided heaps of support and comfort helping make sure I expressed my thoughts and feelings clearly. Couldn’t have managed it without her.”


“”I’ve just been introduced to Shari and have already used her writing services on a project. She’s so easy to work with and just gets it. I’m super excited about bringing her knowledge and skills on board for future work I’ve got in the pipeline.”