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Copywriting can help you sell more products and services, increase your website traffic, and boost your conversion rates. It can also help you create better content, attract more leads, and build stronger relationships with your customers.


Hi! I’m Shari. An English teacher turned copywriter.

I’m here and ready to help you build and grow your business by writing words to create connection and conversion – copy which builds a relationship between your business and the people who should be using your services and buying your products.

Running a business can be challenging, I get it… but my words can make your life easier. That’s what I love doing; helping time poor business owners craft sweet sales messages and content that takes their brand to the world.

But why pick me? What makes me different…. Unusual…. Noice?* (*Kath and Kim reference, every episode, ever!)

Well, I’m quick witted and funny (just ask me) and I’ve got a sharp mind for business strategy and stories. In fact, I’ve been quite the storyteller for as long as I can remember. Run that by my parents, and they’ll certainly roll their eyes and confirm this.

From the very early years I’ve keenly studied words and language… pretty much I’m a word-nerd and proud of it. I’ve taught English to high school students for many years and I’ve always been a writer.

I’m experienced in using words for both business and leisure – some say I’ve a knack and once was told “OMG. You have a gift!!! I feel like English is my second language when I read what you do to what I write!” … but truth be told while writing is second nature to me, I understand it’s a task many business owners don’t have time for or enjoy.

As you can see, I have a sweet tooth. But funnily I take my coffee sugar free and oddly enjoy the irony of that. Cherry Ripes are one of my favourite chocolates and I wish they’d make musk sticks like they used to in the good old days!

I live in sunny South East Queensland with my partner and tween daughter; and my two adult sons live close by. I hope against all odds that one day the dog will stop tormenting the cat….. yeah, right.

Let’s have a chat soon!


10 Quirks I Bring To The Table. 

The story behind the person behind your copy might just be your best marketing weapon.

Without trying to blow my own trumpet – or lick my own lollipop – let me explain.

Your business operates in a crowded place… everyone vying for attention amongst the noise. Lots of noise. Soooo much noisy noise!

To stand out and be noticed, you need to be different. Real. Authentic. Ultimately, you need to show up as YOU.

And that’s actually my super power – telling your story in a unique way to connect your business to its people. The same old, same old marketing strategies don’t cut it with today’s consumers. So, how about you and I do things differently?

I’m a bit quirky (self-confessed, no shame) and my life experiences make me the writer I am.

I Don't Take Myself Too Seriously

I’m professional but not boring. If you don’t enjoy banter and a laugh, we may not be a good fit. Sorry (not very sorry). It could also be true that my sense of humour has got me into strife on the odd occasion, but also has saved my bacon at other times!

I Believe In Having A Growth Mindset

I have an “anything is possible” attitude until something is proven to be impossible. Even then, I’ll be probably be squirreling away looking for a workaround!

I Talk To Myself...

Yes. Yes, I do talk to myself… possibly a bit more than may be considered normal. But, hey don’t let that frighten you!

My Memory Is Unusual

I remember odd and strange things most people forget, but struggle to recall simple things that most people can remember.

Introvert or Extrovert?

A bit of both, actually. I’m an extroverted introvert and this puzzles people. If I even come to your party, I’ll probably slip away by myself for some quiet time. It’s how I roll.

People Intrigue Me

I’m obsessed with people watching (but not in a creepy way, I promise) and am intrigued by human behaviour and psychology.

A Little Bit Of Woo-Woo

I’m freakishly intuitive. Don’t ask me how I know…. just trust me, I know things.

I'm A Daydreamer

I live in my head – a place called Shariland. Don’t be surprised if you catch me drifting away into dreamspace. It’s one of my favourite things to do, but I’ll make that work for you.

A Little Bit Different

I don’t march to anyone’s drum. I know why rules exist and appreciate the logic and order behind them… BUT it’s in my nature to rebel and challenge the norm. I’m a born disruptor.

I'm Committed to Learning

Learning. I LOVE learning. I’m a life-long learner. My bet is you are too!

Great! We’re not strangers any more, and you know what magic can happen… so, let’s chat!